Candle Making Sample Kit

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If you have a small candle business then this kit is for you. Valued at over $70, this kit is an affordable way to sample new wax, wicks, and candle colours. It also includes essential reusable candle making accessories for all candle pillar makers.


Kit includes:

- 1kg of soy pillar wax (select from KeraSoy Pillar 4120, All Seasons A27, Orchid Pillar, or Ecosoya Pillar Blend)

- Blue candle colour (5g)

- Coral candle colour (5g) 

- Peach candle colour (5g)

- Pink candle colour (5g)

- Purple candle colour (5g)

- 6 ply cotton wick (5m)

- 15 ply cotton wick (5m)

- 21 ply cotton wick (5m)

- Metal wick holders x 3

- Wicking needle x 1


KeraSoy Pillar (soft)

Melt - 80°C

Add FO - 70°C

Pour - 65°C


A27 (extra firm)

Melt - 85°C

Add FO - 80°C

Pour - 75°C


Orchid Pillar (firm)

Melt - 85°C

Add FO - 75°C

Pour - 70°C


Ecosoya Pillar Blend (firm)

Melt - 85°C

Add FO - 75°C

Pour - 70°C


These recommended heating and pouring temperatures are based on our own testing but may vary depending on your climate. Ensure you heat silicone moulds before pouring in wax. You can do this by briefly using a heat gun inside the mould. For acrylic moulds, pouring 5-10°C hotter will eliminate jump lines. Find information on our candle colours here and wick burning diameters here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Emma Wade

Candle Making Sample Kit

Kate Cooke
Will return! Amazing product

I LOVE what I received. I have started making my candles and I am obsessed with the mould I picked out and have been experimenting with the colours. Will be ordering from you again!

Love the sample kit!

You get the colours and those colour palletes will last so long! It's the perfect starter pack for anyone wanting to do pillar candles!

Adrian Lorenzo
Quite happy

I'm quite happy with the order. The postage was a let down as they dented the waxpot and after paying express shipping the were super delayed with the delivery however that's out of your control. The products have been great so far! Will definitely buy again.