At Myka Candles & Moulds, we specialise in providing Australian Made custom mould services for commercial businesses and individuals seeking an economical option to produce unique and high-quality products.

To create a custom mould, you must submit a 3D file of your design or a link to a 3D image. Additionally, we offer design assistance for basic shapes and logos. If you have a physical object or jar, you can also provide that as a reference for us.

Your design will only be printed once, and can be used to create multiple silicone moulds as needed. Any modifications to the design after it has been printed will incur an additional design fee.

Quality Custom Moulds

All our custom moulds are made using platinum-cure silicone, which has the longest lifespan of all mould rubbers. This guarantees your mould will remain in excellent condition through hundreds of uses if properly cared for. Our moulds are mixed, poured, and trimmed by hand, so there may be slight exterior imperfections. However, these imperfections will not affect the final product. Depending on the design, the mould may need to be cut or divided into two pieces. To prevent leakage, use rubber bands or clips to secure the mould.

Please contact us at for more information or message us on Instagram for a faster response.

Design & Print Fee

3D File: From $350

Without 3D file: From $400

Silicone Mould

- From $75 each

- No minimum order quantity

Candle Jar Moulds

Our custom mould services also includes specialised moulds used to craft personalised candle jars made of concrete, jesmonite, or hydrostone featuring embossed or debossed designs, such as logos or selected images. With these moulds, individuals or businesses can produce their own distinctive line of candle jars, offering a unique branding opportunity. This approach is cost-effective compared to purchasing individual glass jars, allowing for greater creativity and brand customisation in candle making endeavors.

Jar Refill Moulds

A jar refill mould is a custom-designed mould used to create wax refills tailored to fit your specific candle jars. By using these moulds, your customers can refill their candle jars once the original candle has burned out, effectively giving them a new candle at a reduced cost compared to purchasing a new one. This practice not only promotes sustainability by reusing materials but also fosters customer loyalty by offering a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution.

The design fee & refill mould starts from $70 per mould. Please note that the price is in AUD and is for regular-sized jars. Larger jars will incur additional charges due to increased silicone usage. You will be responsible for sending us the jar at your own expense.

The Process

1. 3D Design

  1. Create 3D object
  2. Modify dimensions
  3. Add logos or other images

2. Prepare Print

  1. Calibrate print settings
  2. Add supports
  3. Clean and prepare printer

3. Assemble

  • Assemble multiple 3D printed parts (if required)

4. Sand & Perfect

  1. Remove supports
  2. Remove excess material
  3. Sand and level
  4. Spray primer
  5. Sand and finish

Design & Print Mould Housing

  • Perform above steps for mould housing


  1. Assemble master and mould housing
  2. Mix part A and part B silicone
  3. Degass
  4. Pour


  1. Unmould master
  2. Trim excess silicone
  3. Clean mould 



Q: What is a custom mould, and how is it used in candle making?

A: A custom mould is a specific design of a mould that is created to make candles in a unique shape, size, or design. It is used in candle making to produce candles with a distinctive appearance or to match a specific brand image. Custom moulds can be made from a variety of materials, including silicone, injection moulds, and vacuum forming. 

Q: What types of files or images do I need to provide to get a custom mould made?

A: To get a custom mould made, you will need to provide a 3D file of your design or a link to a 3D image. We can process common 3D file types like STL and VRML.

If you don't have a 3D file, you can provide a physical object or jar as a reference. We can also offer design assistance for basic shapes and logos.

Q: What materials are used to make the moulds?

A: We use platinum-cure silicone to make all of your custom moulds. This type of silicone has the longest lifespan of all mould rubbers and ensures that your mould will remain in excellent condition through hundreds of uses.

Q: Can I request a specific size or shape for my custom mould?

A: Yes, you can request a specific size or shape for your custom mould. We’ll work with you to create a design that fits your custom mould.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity for custom moulds?

A: No, there is no minimum order quantity for custom moulds with us. Once you pay the design fee, you can order as many moulds as you like of that particular design. However, please be aware that any modifications to a design after printing will result in an additional design fee, as we would need to restart the process from the beginning.

Q: Will my custom mould be exclusively mine?

A: Yes, exclusivity applies only to designs crafted and 3D printed based on your unique specifications. Unlike other companies, we don't impose an exclusive mould fee. However, a design and print fee will be incurred to account for materials and testing expenses. Please note that designs replicated from pre-existing objects, like jars or statues, cannot be considered exclusive, as they are publicly accessible and not under our design ownership. For designs replicated from existing objects, we typically waive the design fee.

Q: Can you create a mould from a 2D image or photo?

A: No. Unfortunately, 2D images and photos differ significantly from the 3D models essential for 3D printing. Regrettably, we cannot transform a 2D image into a comprehensive 3D 360° model.