Are you ready to embark on a journey into the enchanting world of candle making? Look no further – our Pillar Candle Making Kits have got you covered! Whether you're a hobbyist or own a candle business, our kits cater to your crafting needs, providing everything required to create beautiful candles right at home.

Pillar candle making beginner kit soy wax cotton wick

1. Pillar Candle Making Kit for Beginners: Dive into the Art

For those taking their first steps into candle making, our Beginner's Kit is the perfect starting point. It's designed to make the process seamless and enjoyable. The kit includes 500g of soy pillar wax, silicone moulds for creating 2 bubble cube candles and 2 peony candles, a digital thermometer, a long metal mixing spoon, a wicking needle, 5 meters of cotton ply wick, and 30ml fragrance oil of your choice. Follow our step-by-step guide to craft your first set of exquisite candles and discover the joy of handmade creations.

2. Equipment Kit: Essential Tools for Candle Crafting

Our Equipment Kit is tailored for candle makers who already have the basics down but need quality tools. This kit includes a glass beaker for precise fragrance measurements, a mixing spoon for uniform wax distribution, a digital thermometer for accurate temperature monitoring, and a large aluminium wax melting pot for efficient melting. Elevate your candle making experience with these essential tools that ensure precision and control throughout the crafting process.

3. Candle Making Sample Kit: Explore, Experiment, Enjoy

Curious about our range of candle making products? Our Candle Making Sample Kit offers a taste of all our available candle colours, popular wick sizes, signature soy pillar wax, and other accessories. It's the perfect way to test and experiment before committing to larger quantities. Dive into the diverse world of candle making, discover your preferences, and unleash your creativity with this comprehensive sample kit.

Pillar Candle Making Beginner Kit Hearts

At Myka Candles & Moulds, we're passionate about providing high-quality candle making supplies that empower and inspire. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artisan, our kits are designed to fuel your creativity and illuminate your space with the warmth of handmade candles. Embrace the art of candle making!

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