12 Ply Cotton Wick

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Burn diameter: 12 ply - 20mm to 40mm (braided wick)

Introducing our premium quality candle making cotton wicks, the perfect choice for crafting beautiful and long-lasting pillar candles. Unwaxed and made from 100% natural cotton, our wicks have been expertly manufactured right here in Australia to ensure the highest standards of quality. They can be used with a variety of moulds, including silicone and acrylic (PVC) moulds.

Using our candle making cotton wicks couldn't be easier. Simply use a wicking needle to thread the wick through your mould, and then pour in your melted wax. Use a wick holder to keep the wick straight and centered as the wax cools and solidifies, ensuring that your finished candle burns beautifully. For acrylic moulds, ensure you cover the wick hole with blu tack to prevent wax from leaking.

Wick recommendations are provided in the description of all our moulds. However, please note that the burn diameters are approximate and personal testing will be required, as these measurements will be affected by different waxes, colours, fragrances, and climates.

Resources: Cottton Wick FAQs 

Not suitable for container candles.

Customer Reviews

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Lynette Ferraro
12ply cotton wick.

I am new to this form of candle making, but am enjoying it. I love Myka due to not only having great moulds, they have all the wicks sizes and grams on how much wax to use. Thankyou

Male Mould (L)

Such a perfect and beautiful mould, thank you so much :-)