Celebrate the Easter season with our Easter themed candle moulds! Featuring a range of delightful designs including Easter eggs, bunnies, and other symbols associated with the holiday. With vibrant, intricate details and a flawless finish, our Easter candle moulds will make your candles stand out.


How to Use Your Easter Moulds for Candle Making

To craft unique Easter candles, begin by threading the wick through the mould's centre or each feature for multiple wicks, securing it with a wick holder. Use a wax melting pot to melt soy pillar wax, adding dye for colour. Pour the melted wax from a wax dispenser into the mould, performing a second pour if necessary to even out the surface. After cooling and hardening, usually overnight, gently unmould your festive candle, enhancing your holiday decor with its bespoke charm.