Celebrate the Easter season with our Easter themed candle moulds! Featuring a range of delightful designs including Easter eggs, bunnies, and other symbols associated with the holiday. With vibrant, intricate details and a flawless finish, our Easter candle moulds will make your candles stand out.


How to Use Your Easter Moulds for Candle Making

To craft unique Easter candles, begin by threading the wick through the mould's centre or each feature for multiple wicks, securing it with a wick holder. Use a wax melting pot to melt soy pillar wax, adding dye for colour. Pour the melted wax from a wax dispenser into the mould, performing a second pour if necessary to even out the surface. After cooling and hardening, usually overnight, gently unmould your festive candle, enhancing your holiday decor with its bespoke charm.

How to Take Care of Your Easter Moulds

To ensure the longevity and quality of your Easter candle moulds, proper care is paramount. After each use, clean them with warm water and a mild soap to remove any leftover wax and debris. Make sure they are completely dry before storing to prevent any damage or degradation. Keeping your moulds in a dust-free environment will also help preserve their condition, allowing for the creation of beautiful, detailed candles every time. This simple routine maintenance ensures that your moulds remain in top shape for future candle-making projects.

Easter Moulds Decoration Ideas

Use Vibrant Colours

Incorporate colourful waxes for a festive look.

Layer Waxes

Create unique effects by layering different coloured waxes.

Natural Embellishments

Add dried flowers or herbs for a rustic touch.

Add Sparkle

Use glitter or mica powder for shimmering effects.

Embed Trinkets

Place small Easter-themed shapes inside the wax for a surprise.

Transform Into Centrepieces

Make festive Easter centrepieces or thoughtful gifts with these decoration ideas, celebrating renewal and joy.

FAQs about Easter Moulds

How do I care for my silicone candle moulds to ensure they last?

Clean with warm soapy water, dry thoroughly, and store in a cool, dry place to prevent deformation.

What types of wax are best for use with silicone moulds?

Paraffin, soy, and beeswax work well with silicone moulds, offering flexibility in candle making.

Can I add colour and scents to candles made with silicone moulds?

You can add both to the wax before pouring into silicone moulds, allowing for customisation.

How do I remove a candle from a silicone mould without damaging it?

Gently pull away the mould from the set wax and push the candle out to avoid damage.

Are silicone candle moulds safe to use?

Silicone moulds are safe for candle making, designed to withstand the temperatures of melted wax.

How can I avoid bubbles in my candles when using silicone moulds?

Tap the mould on a surface to remove air bubbles after pouring or pour wax at a lower temperature.