Candle Options

Baby Bubble Candle (40g) - $3

Base Pillar Candle (145g) - $9

Bear Candle (265g) - $16

Blossom Pillar Candle (175g) - $11

Bubble Candle (160g) - $10

Chanel Bag Candle - Small - $20

Curvy Female Candle (85g) - $8

Curvy Female - Large (250g) - $16

Diamond Queen Candle (240g) - $14

Male Candle (110g) - $8

Mama Candle (80g) - $8

Rome Candle - XL (865g) - $45

Shell Candle - Large (135g) - $9

Skyscraper Candle (140g) - $9

Spiral Orb Candle - Large (255g) - $15

Spiral Orb Candle - Small (80g) - $6

Sun & Moon Candle (55g) - $4

Tapered Pillar Candle (135g) - $9

Voluptuous Female Candle - Large (430g) - $24


Fragrance Options

Black Raspberry & Vanilla

Burnt Fig & Cassis

Cinnamon Stick

Coconut & Lime


English Pear & Freesia

French Lavender

Fresh Coffee

Japanese Honeysuckle

Lychee Peony

Lychee & Strawberries

Mango Passionfruit

Mango & White Tea

Musk Rose

Starfruit Lemonade

Strawberry Champagne

Summer Watermelon



Colour Options



Coral Pink


Mint Green





Sage Green


Terms & Conditions

In order to qualify for wholesale prices, a minimum order of 20 candles must be made. Please select only one scent per colour.

Payment must be made up front and in full. Current production time is approximately 2 weeks from receipt of payment. Please plan accordingly, as we cannot guarantee completion of your order if you have not given us ample time.

We offer white labelling only. When reselling, it is the responsibility of the stockist to provide candle care instructions to all customers. We have provided a candle care template for your convenience.

You may request to have the wicks long in order to attach tags to the candles. If unspecified, wicks will be trimmed short. We are happy to purchase specific fragrances, provided that a minimum of 10 candles in that fragrance is ordered.

Please note that candles are handmade to order and may have slight imperfections and colour variations. Candles must be carefully stored and kept away from sunlight to avoid discolouration. You will not be entitled to compensation or a replacement due to damages from lack of care after the candles have been received.

The shipping cost will be determined by the weight of the package. We do not offer flat fee shipping for candles, as they are already heavily discounted. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Any candles that have been damaged in transit must be reported within 1 business day of receiving your package. This policy is enforced by our couriers, so exceptions cannot be made. To make a damaged parcel claim, photos will need to be provided of the damaged items, box, and shipping label. Claims made after this period will not be accepted.

Please contact us for more information.