Unlock the secrets to crafting the perfect pillar candle with Candle Making Academy's Pillar Candle Course! With 65 engaging video lessons and over 85 pages of informative content, this comprehensive online program is designed to provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to take your candle-making to the next level. Each lesson is expertly crafted to provide step-by-step guidance and hands-on instruction, ensuring that you can master the art of candle making with confidence. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, our Pillar Candle Course has something for everyone. Start your journey to becoming a candle-making master today!

Training you'll get:

  • Module 1. Getting started and all the equipment you’ll need

  • Module 2. The different types and properties of wax for pillar candles

  • Module 3. How to find the perfect wick

  • Module 4. All you need to know about candle colours

  • Module 5. Become a fragrance oil pro

  • Module 6. Master the candle moulds

  • Module 7. Final candle preparations

  • Module 8. All aspects of safety

  • Module 9. How to use the double boiler technique to create a bubble candle

  • Module 10. Create pillar candles using acrylic moulds

  • Module 11. How to create a complicated pillar candle design using a silicone mould

  • Bonus Module 12. Common problems and how to troubleshoot them  

  • Tons of bonuses: recipes, guides, supplier list, glossary, formula cheat-sheet, and more!