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How to Take Care of Your Candle Making Equipment

Cleaning Your Tools

  1. After Use: Immediately clean your tools, including the wicking tool, metal wick holder, and mixing spoon, to prevent wax hardening. Use hot, soapy water for these metal items, and gently wipe down silicone moulds.
  2. Removing Wax Residue: For stubborn wax, employ a wicking needle or a scraper, and consider placing the item, like a wax melting pot, in the freezer to ease wax removal.
  3. Drying: Ensure all tools, especially metal parts prone to rust and silicone moulds, are thoroughly dry. A wax scoop and wax dispenser should be air-dried.
  4. Storage: Keep tools, including the glass beaker, in a cool, dry place. Store sharp and delicate items, like the wicking needle, separately to prevent damage.
  5. Regular Inspection: Regularly inspect all equipment, including the wax melting pot and metal wick holder, for wear, tear, or damage to maintain candle quality.

Handling Wax and Wicks

  1. Storing Wax: Keep wax in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Use airtight containers for flakes or pellets to prevent dust.
  2. Managing Leftovers: Save scraps and leftovers in labelled containers for future use. Melting them down can create new candles.
  3. Wick Maintenance: Store wicks straight and untangled. Use a reel or a box to organise them by size and type.
  4. Avoiding Contamination: Keep waxes and wicks separate from dyes and fragrances to prevent unintended scent or colour transfer.
  5. Quality Check: Regularly inspect your waxes and wicks for any signs of moisture or mould, especially if stored for long periods.

Things to Remember

Caring for your candle making equipment is straightforward but crucial for maintaining a high standard of craftsmanship. 

By adhering to simple practices such as cleaning tools promptly, storing materials correctly, and conducting regular checks for wear or damage, you ensure the longevity of your equipment and the quality of your candles. 

Remember, the effort you put into maintaining your tools reflects in the candles you create. Keep your workspace organised, your materials in prime condition, and your creativity will flourish without bounds.

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