Ziggy Mould

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Exclusive to Myka Candles & Moulds and hand-poured to order in Australia using premium platinum-cure silicone. (Up to 1 week processing time)

This mould has a slit on one side to assist with unmoulding. Use the rubber bands provided to hold the mould together. Whether you're a candle making pro or a beginner, this mould is easy to use and creates beautiful results.

Platinum-cure silicone is tear-resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 230°C. Unlike regular moulds, moulds made with platinum-cure silicone are long-lasting and can have a shelf life of over 30 years.

Pierce a hole in the centre where you want the wick to come out. Wick the mould and align both sides together before securing with rubber bands. Pour in melted wax and allow your candle to cure overnight before carefully unmoulding.


Finished product: 15cm (H) x 7.5cm (W) x 7.5cm (L)

Volume: 430g wax

Cotton wick recommendation: 12 ply

All measurements are approximate and will vary depending on the type of wax used and how much fragrance oil is added.

Mould Care

Clean with warm water and mild soap after every use and store in a dust-free environment. Do not over-stretch or use any abrasive tools or fingernails.

Disclaimer: mould is poured and trimmed by hand and therefore may have some minor exterior imperfections.


Photo credit: @glowquest_australia & @blowmywick_

Customer Reviews

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Allan & Karen Savin
Ziggy candle love

Love this custom mould. First pour came out perfect. Burns beautifully leaving a very interesting feature as it burns down. Family all wanting their own candles. Thanks for a quality product

Jessica Valle

Ziggy Mould