Candle Colour Wax



Our wax colour comes in pastille form and is a colouring agent for container candles, pillar candles, and wax melts. These high quality pastilles are superior to dye blocks and dye chips and will produce a strong, vibrant colour. They provide good burning behaviour and colour stability. Each colour pastille contains the same colour content, allowing you to create the same shade every time.



Add pastille to liquefied wax when temperature is at 80°C to 85°C. Do not overheat, as spots can form. Stir for approximately 2 minutes until the colour has completely dissolved and incorporated into the wax. Add fragrance if desired and pour at recommended pouring temperature.

For pastel colours, use 1 pastille per 150g - 170g of wax. Due to pink being a stronger colour, 1 pastille per 300g of wax is recommended for a pastel colour. Coral pastilles can also make red if enough is used.


Photos have been provided for representation only. The numbers indicate how many pastilles were used to make each colour shade. Pictured candles are made with 170g of unscented soy pillar wax. The type of wax and fragrance oil will affect the outcome of the colour. You can darken or lighten individual colours by using more or less wax per pastille. Please conduct your own testing for accurate colour representation.



- These dyes are only to be used for candle making. Do not use for bath bombs or soaps.

- Always store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Store below 30°C.

- Avoid crushing pastilles, as they will stain.


Please refer to SDS before use.


Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

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Desrae Middleton
Love the ease of use

So easy to use no real measuring great colour

Cheryl Kennedy

Candle Colour - 5g

Chloe Nash
Perfect colours!

These colours are to die for! I love that you can make your candles both pastel or vibrant with them. And a little goes a long way so you know you’ll get so many uses from the 1 packet!