Discover the excellence of our 100% natural cotton wicks, proudly manufactured in Australia. Cotton ply wicks are ideal for pillar candles due to their efficiency and ability provide a consistent burn. These wicks are designed to resist mushrooming, resulting in a clean and even burn for your pillar candles. With the added convenience of being spooled, wastage is minimized—simply trim to your desired length. Please note that while these wicks are designed for pillar candles, they can also be used for container candles if pre-coated and tabbed.

4 ply - up to 15mm (twisted wick)

6 ply - up to 20mm (twisted wick)

9 ply - 20mm to 35mm (twisted wick)

12 ply - 20mm to 40mm (braided wick)

15 ply - 30mm to 50mm (braided wick)

21 ply - 50mm to 70mm (braided wick)

24 ply - 60mm to 80mm (braided wick)

30 ply - 80mm to 100mm (braided wick)

These recommendations are made with respect to soy pillar wax. Wick up 1-2 sizes for beeswax and palm wax. We suggest these burn diameters as a guide only. Personal testing will be required, as these measurements will be affected by different waxes, colours, fragrances, and climates. We offer 5 metre length wicks for testing purposes.