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Introducing our Candle Making Kit Collection – your gateway to the enchanting world of DIY candle crafting! Including silicone moulds, our kits are perfect for both seasoned artisans and curious beginners, offering everything needed to ignite creativity and illuminate spaces. Explore options for candle businesses and beginners, ensuring an enjoyable candle-making experience. Embrace homemade candle's soothing glow and start your self-expression journey with our diverse collection. Elevate your ambience, one candle at a time!

Start your candle-making adventure with our DIY Kits, designed for every skill level. From basic kits for beginners to comprehensive sets for more advanced creations, we provide everything you need.

Our kits include instructions.

Start crafting your own candles today and discover the joy of candle making!

Taking Care of Your Silicone Moulds the Right Way

Wash After Use

  • Immediately clean silicone moulds with warm, soapy water to remove wax and dye residues. A glass beaker can simplify mixing and cleanup.
Dry Properly
  • Air dry moulds or gently pat them with a cloth, ensuring they're moisture-free to maintain their quality.
Store Wisely
  • Flatten or hang moulds for storage, avoiding warping and extending their lifespan.
Handle Carefully
  • Use non-abrasive tools like wooden spatulas or a wicking tool for safe candle removal.
Check Regularly
  • Examine moulds for wear or damage. Utilise a wicking needle for precise repairs.
Follow Use Instructions
  • Adhere to temperature guidelines to prevent silicone damage.

Proper maintenance involves not just cleaning but also using appropriate tools like a wax melting pot, metal wick holder, wax scoop, and wax dispenser for efficient candle making. This holistic care ensures mould longevity and safe usage.